Doubles Mini

Doubles Mini

Contact Info:
Carmichael Espiritu at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Carmichael Espiritu

Doubles Mini

By: Carmichael Espiritu at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Instructor: Carmichael Espiritu
Region: Asia
Event by Appointment: For interested parties please contact the class instructor Mr. Carmichael C. Espiritu, UTD#86 thru mobile number +639173094487 or shoot him a mail via


Event arranged by appointment.


Welcome to UTD's Doubles Mini online classroom. This one day class is designed to introduce you to diving and managing a double tank UTD/DIR configuration.

The classroom includes: Rigging doubles, proper weighting, hose routing, potential failures and emergency procedures, and team protocols during emergencies. The classroom also contains a downloadable pdf file of the complete program.

The class is a bridge between UTD's Essentials of Rec class and UTD's Essentials of Tech class. So if you've done Essentials of Rec (or equivalent) and are heading for Tech 1, the Doubles Mini will fill in the gaps and prepare you for your technical class.



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