Side Mount Mini

Side Mount Mini

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San Diego Watersports Company at San Diego Watersports
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Andrew Georgitsis

Side Mount Mini

By: San Diego Watersports Company at San Diego Watersports
Instructor: Andrew Georgitsis
Region: United States
Where: 9400 Activity Rd Ste i, San Diego, 92126
Event by Appointment: Please contact me directly to setup a schedule

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Join the Side Mount Revolution!

The UTD Side Mount Mini class is a crossover class for you, the certified diver, to introduce you to Side Mount diving. This class is designed for divers who have taken the UTD Essentials of Rec or Essentials of Tech class or equivilant. The Side Mount Mini is designed to cross you over to side mount diving at your current level of certification. The certification limitations of the class, once completed, are based on your current level of certification.

The goals of the UTD Side Mount Mini are to: To develop your practical knowledge and understanding of side mounting diving. To enable you to setup, organize and safely conduct side mount dives at their current level of recreational certification.

This is for tuition only. Rental side mount equipment is an additional $25

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