Dry Suit Diver

Dry Suit Diver

By: Rivemar Diving & Watersports at Rivemar Diving & Watersports
Instructor: Francisco Javier Sanchez Garcia
Region: Spain
Where: Rivemar, carretera a la Azohia, 151, Cartagena, 30868
Event by Appointment: Conctar info@rivemar.com para concretar fechas
Remaining Tickets: 49

Event arranged by appointment.

  Welcome to UTD's Dry Suit Mini online classroom. This program contains information on diving and managing a dry suit, descent and ascent protocols, emergency procedures, and routine dry suit maintenance. The program discusses dry suit diving techniques and prepares you to do your dry suit confined and open water training. The classroom also contains a downloadable pdf file of the complete program. Once you've completed the online program, you and your instructor will do a minimum of two dives in confined and/or open water where you'll put into practice what you've learned.      

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