Extreme Scuba Makeover

Extreme Scuba Makeover

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San Diego Watersports Company at San Diego Watersports
Company: UTD Scuba Diving
Email: sandiego@utdwatersports.com

Instructor: Jeff Seckendorf
Email: jeff@utdscubadiving.com

Extreme Scuba Makeover

By: San Diego Watersports Company at San Diego Watersports
Instructor: Jeff Seckendorf
Region: United States
Where: 8545 Arjons Drive, San Diego, 92126
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Build Solid Buoyancy, Balance and Trim!!! If you are already a certified diver, ESM (Extreme Scuba Makeover) is an excellent first step towards taking any of the the UTD scuba diving courses.  During this two (2) lecture and two (2) hour confined water scuba course you will learn to build a solid foundation of buoyancy, balance and trim touching on propulsion. This is an excellent primer for any of our essentials classes. You want to build this base before tackling any of the skills in the essentials classes (propulsion, basic 6, s-drills, valve drills and so on).  

ESM gives every diver an opportunity to learn precise buoyancy, combined with a horizontal trim position, and excellent balance. These are the hallmark of control in the water You’ll learn to effortlessly hold your position in the water, which leads to the next set of skills taught in the essentials of ....classes (propulsion, proper air sharing procedures, team protocols, gas planning, ascent strategies, and much more.) This class is the point of entry for all previously certified divers and offer a great way to prepare for any UTD Essentials of .... classes or other agency classes such as "Fundamentals")   

Prerequisites Minimum 16 years of age. Must be a certified open water diver from a recognized training agency.

Course limits Maximum depth is 30’/9m Standard gas is Air (21% O2) No stage decompression No overhead environments  

Who this course designed for?   ESM (Extreme Scuba Makeover) is a great first step towards transitioning from "regular" forms of scuba diving to UTD/DIR style of diving. Here students receive the foundation or base skills on which you can build the UTD philosophy, configuration and in-water skills. The class is designed for any diver that wants to learn about the benefits of buoyancy, balance and trim and apply it to their diving. The class is geared toward the newly certified open water diver, but even seasoned veteran  divers have found that by incorporating UTD principles into their diving practices, they increase both safety and fun. Photographers and videographers will especially appreciate the detailed training in propulsion & precision buoyancy control that assists you in getting that perfect shot! Instructors will appreciate the "fresh look" at diver training and skill development. This is a great first step towards learning and understanding the Unified Team Diving approach.

Why Should I Take ESM? Regardless of your experience level, UTD philosophy allows you to grow as a diver. Some divers are eager to begin incorporating the increased skill and academic demands of UTD but do not have the desire to become deep technical divers. This "mini" is designed for a new to UTD diver who wants to know what foundational skills ( trim, buoyancy and balance) they need to work on, or for the diver new to UTD who wants to learn more without the burden of "passing" a class. This mini serves as an excellent introduction to UTD/DIR style diving, and is perfect for someone who wants to start Recreational training in more advanced UTD classes.

ESM Information ESM is designed to be taught over a one day period with a minimum of 2 hours of lecture and 2 hours of confined water. Typically the day begins with a 2-3 hour initial session consisting of introductions, a power point presentation including video tape of the skills to be introduced in the class. Then we begin the hands-on equipment retro-fitting, reviewing the configuration with a discussion of the pros and cons. We then focuses on the “dry runs” of the foundational skills and some practice before entering the water. Dry runs allow the student to practice the skills on land under the watchful eye of the instructor(s). Skills include improving diver trim, proficiency in precision buoyancy control, some propulsion techniques . Students will then conduct a minimum of two hours of confined water putting the skills and concepts learned in the morning session into actual practice while the videographer captures the in-water session for review. We conclude the day with a 1-2 hour video review. All UTD classes are videotaped for educational and review purposes only.  We believe it is invaluable for students to visually focus on their individual in-water skills, situational awareness, communication, and team diving. Learning to self evaluate is an important aspect of the class.

Requirements Minimum age of 16 Completed UTD registration process Complete the ESM Online Knowledge Base Class Open water certification All UTD classes are Non Smoking The use of prescription drugs must be authorized prior to the onset of diver training by a physician





Event Reviews

Fantastic! 13 April 2015
By John Robson

ESM has proven to be one of the most beneficial scuba courses I have ever taken. It has introduced buoyancy and propulsion techniques that have only ever been skimmed over at best. After 8 years of diving, I have discovered skills which should have been in place in Week One! The same enthusiasm I had in my early diving has been instantly reinvigorated. The UTD route for diving HAS to be the way forward and my children will be attending these courses as soon as they are old enough. Many thanks Marine, Darryl and UTD.

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