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What's your Mobile and Online Strategy?

When it comes to mobile commerce, the growth numbers are absolutely staggering. For example,according to Goldman Sachs mobile commerce will be nearly half of e-commerce by 2018.


Below you’ll find Goldman Sachs’ findings: the year, projected m-commerce sales on smartphones (in billions), the percentage of mobile sales made on smartphones, m-commerce sales on tablets(in billions), and the percentage of mobile sales made on tablets.

  • 2014, $70, 34.3%, $134, 65.7%.

  • 2015, $95, 31.9%, $203, 68.1%.

  • 2016, $123, 29.6%, $292, 70.4%.

  • 2017, $147, 28.5%, $369, 71.5%.

  • 2018, $173, 27.6%, $453, 72.4%.

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Webinar: Developing your Online and Mobile Marketing Strategy - Mar/15/2016 10:00 PST

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