Mobile: A Paradigm Shift


Mobile is exploding and the combined smartphone and tablet usage has rapidly out paced desktop. This mobile trend is driven by increased application-based actions (e.g. posting photos, checking in, punching digital loyalty cards) and task-oriented actions (, renting, event registration, location-based searches) as well as push communications - businesses been able to communicate directly with consumers (e.g. push notes, geo fencing coupons). As a retail business, manufacturer, non profit, church, or consignment organization, this presents serious strategic challenges to your online strategy. How do you build a mobile app to accommodate this paradigm shift. Now is the time to build your approach.

Why Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps now play a significant role in the ability for an organization to signify that they are current and hip for both consumers and employees.  Many organizations have a rapidly increasing shift of resources from traditional media to digital media (websites) however they need to include a strong focus on mobile.  This reflects the changing way people access information and services - moving from paper to desktop is a great start however you will need to include mobile to ensure your customers remain loyal. This also reflects the values that mobile apps bring to organizations in terms of increasing engagement, improving workflow efficiencies and reducing costs.

Deployment Options

As an organization you must plan to add a mobile app solution to your current online strategy and therefore you are faced with the decision of whether to:

  • Use a “Mobile App as a Service” (MAaaS) solution
  • or Build and maintain a customized mobile app,

Mobile App as a Service (MAaaS)

Traditional custom mobile app development and lifecycle management costs can be avoided by organizations whose needs can be met instead with Mobile Apps as a Service (MAaaS) offerings. MAaaS solutions are appropriate for an increasingly large range of functions.

How Does MAaaS Work?

Typically your organization will select from the building block capabilities that are available on the MAaaS platform. Your organization may select from the pre-made set of feature modules tailored to the needed function, plus your organization can pull in content from your responsive web based website. Once selected, your organization provides the content and the branding to configure, deploy and manage the mobile application.

Costs of a MAaaS Mobile App

Mobile App as a Service is inexpensive to deploy. A branded mobile app for both Android and iOS that is supported by a responsive website will cost you $495 for the development. The monthly subscription  then ranges from $49 to $99 per month depending on your functions, with packages of Website and Mobile for as little as $149.95 per month. Click here for more pricing details.  

Proven Solutions

Recify Inc. has pre-packaged and customized solutions available for a wide range of applications, including: Retail businesses, manufacturers, Non Profits, Churches, Consignments, and many more.

Custom Mobile App

Building a customized mobile application does entail higher and ongoing costs and requires Recify Inc. taking on and maintaining software development resources.

Custom Mobile apps development and support is more complex, spanning software for different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mobile Web. This complexity often extends to include server-side components to support mobile applications dynamic content distribution and interactivity.

Custom App Costs

Custom mobile app development and lifecycle management cost for a single mobile application can be as high as $50,000 depending n your needs, and your mobile applications are updated or enhanced at a minimum of every six months. Recify Inc, does offer a rebranded solution of a customized app that can either be priced as a MAaaS or as a fractional purchase. Contact us for more information. 

Professional Support for all solutions

The Recify team will provide advice on:

  • Application strategy
  • Theming customization
  • Content organization
  • Mobile application marketing best practices

App deployment, including submission to Google Play, Amazon App Store and Apple iTunes, will be handled by the Recify team.


As discussed above, you can see that there is a clear and definitive paradigm shift to mobile, which begets the need for organization to include a mobile app in their online strategy. This will redefine the way you do business with a consumer today. As your technology partner, Recify offers two solutions, either a MAaaS or a custom mobile app. Each have their pro’s and con’s.  

For more information about Recify and how we can be your technology partner, contact us at or 1 844 RECIFY1 (1 844 732-4391) or + 1 760 851-0097

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