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Six Tips for Creating a Cause Making Campaign

Are you passionate about a cause and want help change the world with your online store?

Check out these six ways to give back and make a difference.

Like most entrepreneurs you are driven, and just about money. Often it’s about your passion to make a difference, to make a change in the world. If you can make money at the same time, then even better.

One of the best things about owning your own business is that you can do what you love everyday. It’s even better when you can make an impact on the lives of others through the products and services you provide. Today, many companies such as yours can positively impact their communities through relationships with one or more non-profit and charitable organizations. If your not already employing cause marketing with your e-commerce platform, we would like to share six tips for launching your cause marketing campaign.

Cause marketing is defined as a joint effort between a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Entrepreneurs, business owners, employees and consumers already support non-profit organizations of their choice. According to Edelman’s annual goodpurpose® study, in 2012, nearly half (47%) of consumers have bought a brand at least monthly that supports a cause. However in 2015, Edlemans study found an even more interesting phenomena in that 81% of consumers agreed that if a company combines selling with a social cause they not only gain profits, but build trust, which then leads to long term loyalty for their brand, which in turn, leads to long terms profits.

So, below are a few ideas to get you started with a cause marketing strategy.

1. Pick an organization you, your employees, and your customers believe in:

?Cause marketing is most effective when you, your team and your customers are connected to the main mission of the organization, and have a strong belief in the cause. Find out what matters to you, your team and your customers, and explore how you can make a difference. You can accomplish this by doing internal and external surveys using the data to choose your cause. Then find ways to partner with your partner organization throughout the year to keep communication and activity consistent.

2. Plan joint a promotion: ?

Typically, nonprofit organizations send monthly newsletters and host regular fundraising events. Discuss ways in which you can join forces on promotions and list one another’s logos and information in marketing materials. Joint materials will help your brands establish better synergy and show your supporters that you’re a team. You can use your business platform and resources to send newsletters and product deals that highlight your partner’s initiatives. You promotions should include the ability for your customers to make a one-click donation. Post your nonprofit partner’s fundraising events with a request donation on your website. Hold joint events, again with a donation request as part of the event ticket purchase. You can also set up a donations page in their name and a thanks letter that is automatic generated with their 501(c)(3) number with the amount donated for tax purposes.

3. Donate your product or service:

?If you have a product that can benefit a group within your cause, then take the opportunity to pick a month, week or single day to donate your product or service to those in need. Your customers will remember the good deed, and feel more connected with your brand through the greater cause. Use your platform to promote that through your newsletters, email campaigns and social integration.

4. Donate a percentage of profits or revenues towards a cause: ?

When customers purchase your products, you can share with them that you will be donating a percentage of the sale to the cause your organization has chosen. They also need to feel secure that this happens automatically through the platform ensuring the donation will reach the appropriate charitable fund.

5. Allow customers to add additional donations when purchasing products from you:?

When customers are checking out, allow them to add a one time or recurring donation toward your cause. Again, they must be assured that the donation goes directly to the cause.

6 Utilize social media campaigns:

?Social media channels are great places for you to call for support of your cause. Because networks like Twitter and Facebook encourage us to share relevant and interesting information, you have the opportunity to reach the network of your existing customers and unite thousands around a mission you care about. Think about donating a dollar amount for a certain number of retweets on a tweet or shares from your Facebook page about the nonprofit you’re supporting. Consider donating a product on behalf of everyone who checks in, follows or likes your business page. There are many creative options you can use on a social giving campaign that take only a few minutes to execute.

We hope you find these six tips useful as you think about a cause marketing partnership that aligns your business with nonprofits to make a greater impact. Most importantly, be sure you have a technology partner that can support your efforts.

For more information about Recify and how we can be your technology partner and create a cause marketing campaign, contact us at info@recify.com or 1 844 RECIFY1 (1 844 732-4391) or + 1 760 851-0097

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