Summit For Stem Cell, a non-profit organization

Case Study –

The Client – Summit For Stem Cell, a non-profit organization funding a non-embryonic cell therapy program that should eliminate the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

The Pain – Summit For Stem Cell had a non-responsive, overly complicated website that did not meet its two main goals:

Raise funds to continue its pilot project currently underway at Scripps Clinic in San Diego.
Provide the public with information about the project.

The Solution – Create a responsive website powered by Recify that manages donations, offers event registration, provides information, and constantly puts donation opportunities in front of web users.

The Process – When Summit For Stem Cell first approached us, they were in need of a new website they could easily manage but was completely designed to put donations front and center, so everyone who comes to the site has an opportunity to donate to this privately-funded research program.

Starting with a design meeting, we met with the Summit web team and established their web parameters…large sliding images that link to appropriate pages, a few front page tiles that link the the information about the project, and a front page video that tells the whole story. A week later, that template was complete and the Summit team was adding content.

Next was to increase donations. This started with a floating ball on every page that links to a custom donation page, accepting one-time or recurring donations. Then a series of links that all lead to the donation page.

But the critical movement toward increased donations was to add a donation option to every event. Summit runs monthly free lab tours, where people can come and see the development of the stem cells as they become neurons. Now, every person who signs up for a lab tour has an opportunity to make an additional donation, and it’s been working.

Other fundraising events are using the Recify engine…the annual Pedal For Parkinson’s fundraising bike ride, concerts, parties, and mountain climbs all use the events module, and all include additional donations.

Overall, this was incredibly successful. Our client got a new responsive website, increased revenue, started online registrations of events, and added a simple customer resource management module. And the time period from inception to a working website was less than four weeks.

The Future – Looking forward, Summit will be adding a responsive mobile app, and a shopping cart for fundraising merchandise. They are a very happy client.

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