UTD Water Sports San Diego

A Retailer's Mobile App - Appcode: utdwatersports

A retail store for scuba education and scuba diving equipment located in San Diego. UTD Water Sports San Diego has a website incorporating all of the Recify modules (http://sandiego.utdwatersports.com.) These include  events booking, class scheduling, online education, certifications, E commerce (b2c), rentals, online forms, POS, and so much more. So when developing the mobile app and designing it's functionality it become clear to pull in all that data, as well as add functions like a local chat wall for localized customers to interact. As far as loyalty offers, they decided to offer a loyalty pubnch card to receive free air fills and boat dives as well as a QR coupons that allows a customers to get a gift when they enter their store. This drives customers into their store. UTD Watersports San Diego also has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, all great social media outlets allowing their customer to share right from the app. To communicate with them UTD Water Sports has a contact us form as well as a direct dial on the homescreen for consumers to quickly and easily reach them . They allow customers to sign up for a mailing list with multiple categories of classes, events, travel, specials and newsletter. They also use the same strategy with the push notification opt in services. Customers can opt in for push notes on new classes, events, travel, equipment specials and so on. Of course they can review all analytics to further fine tune their mobile app.  

See it in Action:

  1. Below a live demo, click the play button
  2. Download generic mobile app previewer "Preview My App" onto your phone (Click here to learn more) and enter the code: utdwatersports as email address, then enter and enter again. No password required.  
  3. In App Stores: Google Play Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_261094.layout or Apple App Store  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/utd-water-sports-san-diego/id1082648399?

Live Demo (Click Play)

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