Educate Online

Add online education to your website and mobile app.

Recify provides a full workflow for online education.  Promotion, signup, course materials, instructor critiques, quizzes and student certification. 

The digital content is organized into chapters and sections, and are then assigned to online courses. The content can be HTML5, flash, PDF files, video links, or customizable web pages. Integration of Critique it allows Instructors to review and critique student video's. Quizzes and/or surveys are attached to every chapter. The certification management module offers tools to manage students and instructors, multiple user roles and multiple buying levels for students and instructors, certification tracking, digital and physical certification cards, and progress tracking.

Courses can also be assigned to live classes, and can be individually set to mandatory/not mandatory, free/not free. Online courses can be translated into any language and regionalized for specific users. Instant payment splits distribute revenue to multiple vendors, instructors, and others at the time of student payment. Any digital course can be turned into an instant Reci-Deal at any time. Courses can displayed on both your website, mobile app and/or optionally cross marketed to other websites.

Digital Course

  • Deliver secure digital materials (online courses)
  • Organize by chapter/section
  • Paid or free
  • Instant payment splits
  • HTML5, web pages, PDF, Power Point, MP3, text, or video
  • Attached scored online quizzes/surveys
  • Integrate Critique It.
  • Attach certification and certification cards
  • Regionalize courses and add multiple language support


A unique integrated module that allows instructors to review and critique video submissions from students. 

  • Provide instructor feedback on video timeline
  • Feedback is located on video timeline
  • Offer Text, Audio or Video critiques
  • Capable of multiple contributors, each showing up on timeline  
  • Positive, Neutral or Critique tags are available 
  • Verify a student progress through submitted video
  • Students can track their own progress
  • Submit up to 4 video for review by instructor
  • Reports and metrics on all student and instructor data

Scored Quizzes

  • Provide online quizzes / surveys
  • Scored in real time
  • Can be attached to each chapter/section or course
  • Students/Instructors can give feedback through attached forms
  • Multiple languages
  • Student score tracking
  • Reports and metrics on all student and instructor data


Certification Management

  • Supports any business that provides training
  • Deliver online classes and quizzes
  • Verify student progress
  • Multiple languages
  • Regionalize events with geo-location capabilities 
  • Instant revenue splits
  • Manage students and instructors
  • Manage certification
  • Provide digital certification cards
  • Student tracking
  • Maintain student records
  • Reports and metrics on all student and instructor data