Book Events Instantly

Add events bookings or class scheduling to your website and mobile app!

With this module you can add paid/or unpaid events or classes to your website increases foot traffic, online sales and brand awareness. Creating customer engagement with your website and mobile app earns trust and build loyalty.

Event Booking

Event Listings

 Your events might include trips, local adventures, guest speakers, training, workshops, volunteer activities, fundraisers,  and more.  With Recify, events are much more than simple ticketing.  Events can quickly be customized to include documents, videos, related products for purchase (T-shirts, VIP access, supporter listing, etc.) and to accept donations.  Customers can be required to submit forms such as a wavier and release of liability. 

Customers can view all your published event dates, times, and ticket availability on your website and search for events by location, activity, organizer or other custom fields. They can purchase free or paid tickets as an individual, team or family and can include a donation with their signup.

Recurring events can be created and reused to make events in seconds.   Payments can automatically be split between you, event organizer, apparel vendor, charity, etc.  You can manage all your data and metrics on all classes and events using customizable reports.  You can optionally choose to have your events listed on Recify’s marketplace in addition to your website.


  • Create and manage sporting events, workshops, trips, adventures, tours, promotional events, etc.
  • Free, paid and multiple pricing tiers for tickets with individual, team of family signup.
  • Add signup choices such as run distance, start times, T-shirt size, etc.
  • Print tickets or send digital tickets for an event.
  • Print certification certificates and cards.
  • Offer limited time discounts and coupon codes.
  • Optionally require participants to complete paperwork and online forms prior to the event.
  • Customers can read and write reviews about an event and post to linked social networking sites.
  • Include quizzes and surveys to any event.
  • Include charitable donations to an event, pass the money directly to the charity with tax letter sent directly to the donor. 
  • Instantly share revenue between you, event organizer, apparel vendor, charities ,etc.
  • Event Management:  view signup reports, search for events, participants, teams and other information.

Schedule Classes

If you offer training, classes, workshops or formal certifications, you can extend the "event booking" to make it a class scheduler by including our online education module which adds course materials, testing, instructor workflow and certification. The class scheduling module provides additional features that are not included in the Events Booking module. 

Students can view available classes by category, date, seat availability, location, activity, organizer, instructor, or other custom fields.  Then book spots, pay class fees, purchase companion products, complete required forms and download classroom materials.  Instructors can upload course materials (books, guides, videos, etc.), follow their students' progress, define quizzes, evaluate and certify students.  Online quizzes can be administered and certificates or cards issued to passing students.  Students can post course reviews on your website and on social media sites.

Offer limited time discount deals and coupon codes, include optional donations.  Class fees are instantly split between you, instructors, organizers, and others using the payment policy you define.  You can manage all your data and metrics on all students, instructors, and classes using customizable reports.


  • Sell and manage seats in any live certification class or workshop.
  • Instant revenue splits, instantly paying the instructors, organizers, vendors, charities and others.
  • Offer free or paid classes; add recommended or required products for purchase when booking a class.
  • Students browse and search for classes on your website, purchase class and materials.
  • Students complete required paperwork.
  • Instructor attaches course materials
  • Instructor define quizzes and surveys to be filled out by students.
  • Instructor issues student certificates or cards to passing students (paid or free certificates).
  • Students provide instructor feedback.
  • Students can read and write reviews about an event.
  • Add charitable donations to any class
  • Offer limited time discount deals and coupon codes.
  • All data and metrics available as reports.
  • Regionalize classes with geo-location capabilities and multiple language and currency support.