Stone Creek Golf Course

A Retail's Golf Course Mobile App - Appcode: recifygolf

Stone Creek Golf Course is a retail golf mobile app that wanted a demo app of how recify could pull in their existing website data and add other exclusive mobile app functionality. They wanted to ensure customers could sign up for tee times as well as see tourmanent scores and so on. As well as use exclusive features like golf course scoring, gps mapped layouts of the course as well as integrating their clubhouse menu onto the app. Other functions like local golf chat as well as loyalty offers through punch cards and QR coupons for referrals. They have a great Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube presence allowing their customers to interact with all their social sites and to share right from the app. To communicate with them they have a contact us form and and the allow customers to call them right from the home screen of the app. They also allow cusotmers to sign up for a mailing list with multiple categories of classes, golf events, specials, and newsletter. They also use the same strategy with the push notification opt in services. Customers can opt in for push notes on new golf classes, events, tournanments, and so on. Of course they can review all analytics to further fine tune their mobile app.  

See it in Action:

  1. Below a live demo, click the play button
  2. Download generic mobile app previewer "Preview My App" onto your phone (Click here to learn more) and enter the code: recifygolf as email address, then enter and enter again. No password required.  
  3. Call or email for more information of a formal demo - 1 844 Recify1 (732-4391) or

Live Demo (Click Play)

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