Sell Direct Without Upsetting Retailers

You and your channel lose sales when customers can’t buy on your website and mobile App.  Recify provides a “Buy Now” for your website and mobile App with a configurable payment split policy that keeps your distribution and retail channel happy.


Manufacturer Sales Direct to Consumer (D2C). Recify adds the “Buy Now” button for manufacturers that distributors and retailers also love. Product manufacturers can now sell directly to consumers without upsetting their distribution and sales channels. Consumers visit the manufacturer website, do their research and make a purchasing decision, choose a retailer to fulfill the order based on available inventory or location, and pay for the items, all within the manufacturer’s website or mobile app. The retailer fulfills the order from their inventory or the manufacturer drop ships. Pre-negotiated payment splits, revenue sharing, sales territories, inventory rules, etc., are all configured to your policy and sales channel agreements.

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Book Events

Offer sign up for workshops, seminars, technician certification classes, sales representative training and more. Use this Recify module to schedule live classes. Your class can be by appointment, specific date, or multiple dates. Sell tickets for unlimited or specific number of seats, offer individual or team signup, require signup forms and certification process, attach secure online course materials, automatically split payments to appropriate parties, and accept donations.

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Recify’s online education and certification provides class signup, management, training and certification. You can configure a custom process that includes registration, purchase, online course materials, quizzes with automatic grading, instructor progress reviews, video critiques, certificates to passing students, and student surveys.  

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The consignment module is not just for retailers.   Manufacturers can set up trade-in deals with their channel to encourage customers to upgrade to new products. 

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Set up fundraising partnerships or “cause marketing” campaigns with nonprofit and charitable organizations. Configure automatic revenue splits between your business and third-party organizations.

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When you plug Recify Web Apps into your website, they don't stand alone. They're backed by powerful back-end office tools allowing you to centrally customize, analyze, manage, and define policies. Point of sale (PoS), Customer relationship management (CRM), Website Analytics, Reports, eMail campaigns, Surveys, and much more.

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All Recify features are designed to be “responsive” so your Recify-powered website works well on phones and tablets. Recify also offers customized mobile Apps for your business or organization. These include: Responsive Mobile App with your branding listed in Apple and Google App Stores. Responsive Mobile App with push notifications to your customers’ phones. Native mobile applications using all smart phone features such as swipe gestures, GPS location, etc.

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Rent or loan demonstration products to consumers. Track in-store displays, prototypes, demonstration items at retailers.

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