Recify Web and Mobile Apps (Modules)

Add new features to your website and mobile app

Recify software provides integrated cloud-based web and mobile applications.  These modules plug into your existing website with your brand, look, and feel or Recify will host a turn-key website with your brand.  Customer facing modules include:  product sales, event ticketing, rental management, donations, consignment sales, online education, certifications, and more.  These plug-in features are designed to generate more revenue and increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Back office tools are also provided to help manage, analyze and grow your business.  These include: customer resource management (CRM), point of sale (POS), newsletter emailer, forms, surveys, revenue splits, multiple language/currency support, social media integration, customer reviews, reports and more. 

Mobile is everything.  Recify's plug-in modules and websites are mobile compatible (responsive).  We also offer three types of mobile apps branded for your business and published in major app stores: a responsive mobile app, a responsive mobile app with push notifications and a native mobile app.  


A scaleable and comprehensive E-commerce strategy. The Recify modules offers the ability to sell things. Use a back office module for in-store sale: Point Of Sale (POS) or through your customer facing website and mobile app: Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) and a very unique module for manufactures to sell Directly to Consumers (D2C.)

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Book Events

Event booking and class scheduling made easy. With this module you can add paid/or unpaid events or classes to your website and mobile app, increasing foot traffic, online sales and brand awareness. Events and classes are integrated with online education and donations. All creating customer engagement through your website and mobile app, earning trust and building loyalty.

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A comprehensive online education module. The Education modules offer the ability to deliver securely online classroom materials, as well as the integration of critique it and a full workflow for quizzes and the certification process (digital or printed C-Cards.)

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Consignments is big business. With the consignment module, consumers can use your website and mobile app as a gateway for your customers to sell their used items while you retain a "commission" on those sales. This works equally well for small mom-and-pop operations as it does for national chains, giving your customers additional purchasing options while keeping them engaged on your website.

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Cause marketing is rapidly growing. Take your “Cause Marketing” campaign to the next level. Add a “Donate Now” page to your website. Your customers and members can also make donations when purchasing a product, rental, event, online class, or consigned goods. Accept one-time or reoccurring donations for your organization or for third party organizations. Create “cause marketing” campaigns with non-profit partners. Payments are automatically split and sent directly to each partner.

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Manage the back office. Back End office modules such as CRM, POS, revenue splits, emailer, social integration, SEO, surveys, deals, reviews and so on, allow businesses to integrate data, streamline processes, analyze and communicate with their customers and much more.

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Mobile is everything today. To increase customer loyalty and revenue, you can provide a branded mobile application for your business or organization. Your repeat customers and members will enjoy interacting with you on their mobile devices using a mobile app which is downloaded from the Apple or Google play stores.

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Offer online and in-store rental bookings and management Customers see what you have to rent, if it is available, and cost of the rental. Customers can then reserve and pay for the rental online, complete any and all required forms such as size or fitting forms and wavier and releases.

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