About Recify

Recify provides cloud software that powers websites and mobile apps with product sales, event ticketing, rental management, online education, donations, and consignment sales.  Recify Software is a technology partner to retail businesses, manufacturers, non profits, churches and consignment sellers.

Company History

Recify was spun-off from UTD Scuba Diving due to interest from other recreational businesses.  UTD originally developed the software because they were unable to find an integrated software solution that met the needs of a recreational business.  The software was rewritten with more features, to be highly configurable, customer branded, scalable for the largest companies and with web service APIs for integration to other business software.  Recify has received unexpected demand from related markets, so we now provide solutions for nonprofit organizations, churches and consignment stores as well as recreational manufacturers and retailers. 


Our mission is to enhance customer websites and mobile apps with product sales, event ticketing, online education, rentals, consignment sales and donations.  We believe these features increase revenue, engagement, and enjoyment.