Rental Made Profitable

Offer online rentals, product demos, loaners through your website and mobile app

The rental module can be integrated into the front end of any business website.

Customers see what you have to rent, if it is available, and cost of the rental. Customers can then reserve and pay for the rental online, complete any and all required forms such as size or fitting forms and wavier and releases. Attach digital content such as online classroom materials or safety videos to any rental. Making a rental an instant Reci-Deal is as easy as checking a box. Demo gear management is the same as rental, just set the price as $0. The Recify rental module has many of the same features as the E-Commerce module, including instant payment splits, images, inventory control,  "geo located” to the location of your choice,.etc. Rentals and/or deals are displayed on both the business website and are cross marketed on other marketplaces. 


  • Customers  can book rentals/demos online or in-store
  • Build single pieces or rental packages from multiple products
  • Manage rental check in / out 
  • Set rental periods – one hour to one day to one week or more
  • Customer can complete all required paperwork online
  • Add digital online content such as assembly instructions or safety videos, quizzes to ensure customers understand the safety rules
  • Track rental Inventory, service and warranty dates
  • Generate reports that give instant feedback to you about which rental are profitable
  • Get feed back from customers reviews
  • Attach rental surveys to ensure customer satisfaction