Websites and Mobile Apps for Sports, Recreation and Active Markets

Retail businesses in sports, recreation, and other activity-focused markets have unique needs for their website and mobile Apps.  Recify powers your business with product sales, rentals, event booking, online education, donations and consignment sales.  We will build your branded website and mobile app, or plug our features into your existing website and mobile App.


List products and services on your website and mobile app. Customers can browse by category, filter by popularity, price and special deals. They add items to their shopping cart and checkout with a payment in their local currency. Items that “you might be interested in” are also displayed. If you have multiple retail locations, the closest location is presented, or the customer can choose any location that has the item in stock.

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Book Events

Sell Tickets for anything. Adding event management to your website increases traffic, online sales, and brand awareness. You can add any form of event: travel, sporting events, fundraising events, local adventures, guest speakers, concerts, training, workshops, volunteer activities, and more. Events can quickly be customized to include forms, documents, videos, related products for purchase (t-shirts, VIP access, supporter listing, etc.). Every event can accept third party donations.

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Class Scheduling -- Use this Recify module to schedule live classes. Your class can be by appointment, specific date, or multiple dates. Sell tickets for unlimited or specific number of seats, offer individual or team signup, require signup forms and certification process, attach secure online course materials, automatically split payments to appropriate parties, and accept donations.

Online Education, Certification -- Recify’s online education and certification modules provide online class management, training and certification. You can configure a workflow that includes registration and other forms, online delivery of course materials, quizzes with automatic grading, instructor progress reviews and video critiques, issue of certificates or cards to passing students, and student surveys.

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Sell by Consignment, Private Marketplace (C2C).  Allow your retail customers to sell their used items in your store or online while you are paid a commission on every sale. This builds loyalty, increases foot traffic and increases customer engagement. Customer payments are instantly split between you and seller – you don’t necessarily have the touch the consigned items. You can act as a reseller in your market, allowing your customers to buy and sell among themselves while you profit and attract new customers.

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Add a “Donate Now” page to your website. Your customers and members can also make donations when purchasing a product, rental, event, online class, or consigned goods. Accept one-time or recurring donations for your organization or for third party organizations. Create “cause marketing” campaigns with non-profit partners. Payments are automatically split and sent directly to each partner so donated funds do not commingle with normal revenue.

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Back-office features.  When you plug Recify Web Apps into your website, they don't stand alone. They're backed by powerful back-office tools allowing you to customize, analyze, manage, and define policies. Point of sale (PoS), Customer relationship management (CRM), Website Analytics, Reports, eMail campaigns, Surveys, and much more.

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Mobile Ready.  All Recify features are designed to be “responsive” so your Recify-powered website works well on phones and tablets. Recify also offers customized mobile Apps for your business or organization. These include: Responsive Mobile App with your branding listed in Apple and Google App Stores. Responsive Mobile App with push notifications to your customers’ phones. Native mobile applications using all smart phone features such as swipe gestures, GPS location, etc.

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Rent Products.  Recify’s rental module is a powerful tool for rentals and demonstration products. From your website or mobile app, your customers, view all items you have for rent. They reserve, pay, and enter information you require, including custom online forms such as fitting forms, waivers, etc. You can also link rentals to documents such as instructions, safety videos, reference material, and more.

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