Case Study – UTD Scuba Diving Website

The Client – Unified Team Diving is a global scuba certification and training agency. On the education side, UTD provides its students events/live classes, a private instructor schedule, online classes, and dive certifications. UTD also offers equipment sales and rental.

The Pain – UTD's online web presence was fractured...they had one website for product sales, another for online education, another for forms, and another for customer resource management. This meant the company was managing multiple databases, trying unsuccessfully to merge those into one cohesive system that was easy to use for the company and easy to use for the customer.

The Solution – The Recify modules manage student and instructor quizzes, tracking, and certification, including digital or physical certification cards. Looking at the UTD business model and needs, Recify's Enterprise Package was a perfect fit, bringing all the UTD services under one roof and adding a mobile app with additional features such as push notifications.  See Mobile App 

The Recify Modules Used by UTD

Unified Team Diving and its worldwide instructor corps offer certification classes, workshops, boat trips, tropical adventures, and other unique events. Each of these events is published on the UTD global website ( with a limited number of seats or spaces. Students and/or customers quickly and easily search for a class, trip, or event by their region or instructor, then sign up for that event.

During the signup process all the required paperwork – diving history, medical history, and wavier and release forms – are completed immediately along with payment for required online class materials. Payment for the event is also made immediately, securing a seat in the event. On customer payment, Recify's instant payment splits distribute the revenue to all appropriate people and businesses.

A third party donation form can be added to any class of event, allowing for donations to a charity of UTD's choice.


Unified Team Diving, along with its dive centers and instructors, offer a full range of rental equipment. Certified divers can book rental equipment online through the Recify rental system. Users are able to book a single piece or package of equipment for one hour to one day to one week or more depending on needs. All the required paperwork can be completed prior to arriving for the rental equipment.

Enterprise E-commerce

Unified Team Diving manufacturers and distributes dive equipment at both the wholesale and retail levels. The Recify enterprise e-commerce module accommodates these two distinct areas of equipment sales. On the business-to-business (wholesale) side, there are unlimited multiple pricing levels to support various dealers, instructors, and other retailers. When a UTD business customer purchases product, the prices are displayed at that customer's current discounted buying level. Other features include warranty activation and dealer search. 

UTD also sells direct to consumers, so they use Recify's standard e-commerce package displaying products at full retail price. Even though a retail sale is made on a manufacturer's website, on checkout and payment revenue is distributed throughout the distribution channel. In other words, a customer buys a product at retail, UTD gets the cost of goods and a percentage of the profit while the retailer and distributor all receive their piece, and it all happens instantly.

Enterprise Education

This is truly one of the most unique features of Recify's software. Unified Team Diving offers in-person certification classes (events) with mandatory online classroom materials. With the enterprise education module, the student will purchase the materials prior to registering for the class, insuring UTD receives payment for the online materials. The student will then go on to register for the live class, complete any other required paperwork, then take the class. At the conclusion of the class, the instructor will complete an online evaluation of the student and, if certified, issue a digital c-card.

UTD also offers other online video programing and other digital offerings. The online education system is secured to avoid digital copy or theft.

The enterprise education module also allows UTD to maintain student records, verify student progress, provide quizzes, and evaluate both the student and the instructor.

Additional Benefits

Multiple language, geo-tracking, and payment splits are one of the biggest advantages to the Recify software platform. We are able to separate out the data into regions, so only specific regions can see specific classes, in specific languages. Custom user roles allow certain area managers and/or instructors or dealers to see their customers and what they have purchased. With instant payment splits, revenue received gets automatically and instantly distributed to vendors, operators, instructors, area managers, affiliates, sales people, etc. Save thousands of accounting hours by simply having a system that does it automatically. 

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